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Flavorz is definitely one of the most in demand vape brands as of now rivaling in established brands such as jeeters. With our new line of flavorz duoz which is a first in the vaping industry. You can only expect the best from flavorz

We are not like your regular vape brand. Flavorz is a fully licensed product. We believe in providing quality disposables at the best prices and we believe that is what we have done. Join the flavorz family today. Become a loyal flavorz brand customers and enjoy a lot of our cool merchs such as flavorz hoodies, t-shirts, caps and many more.

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Curated Products
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Definitely one of the best vape pens in the market. I absolutely love the concept of the flavorz duoz, Simply amazing. Enjoy two flavors for the price of one.
Mila Goldberg

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All our products are certified and fully lab tested.

We have so many amazing flavors

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